Salmon trio

Salmon tartar, burnt salmon, beetroot and vodka cured salmon, avocado cream, quail egg, marinated black salsify, bread toast

 EUR 8.00

Fish and seafood snack selection for 2 people

Lightly salted pike perch, smoked salmon, Argentine shrimps, sea scallops in hazelnut butter

EUR 14.00

Burnt tuna snack

Tuna fillet, quail egg, capers, roman salad, olives, Shallot onions marinated in blueberries

EUR 6.00

Snack selection for beer

Cheese, dried meat, salami, pickled vegetables, toasts, mustard - caper sauce

EUR 7.60 

Cheese selection

EUR 7.50

Garlic bread with mustard - caper sauce

EUR 3.50




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