Salmon tartare with quail egg and capers

 EUR 6.00

Fish snack selection

Lightly salted salmon, smoked salmon, tiger shrimps, shrimps

EUR 10.00


Tiger Shrimp - mango salad 

Tiger shrimps, dried ham, mango, lettuce, tomatoes, lemon, chilli - mango sauce

EUR 8.50

Tuna fish salad

Lettuce, tuna fish, Feta cheese, radishes, sweet pepper, egg, balsamico sauce

EUR 4.50

Classic beef's tongue salad

Beef's tongue, pickled cucumber, onion, tomato sauce, mayonnaise

EUR 4.00

Caesar salad with chicken fillet

EUR 4.00

Caesar salad with salmon

EUR 6.20

Caesar salad with shrimps and tiger shrimps

EUR 6.00

Salad " Valmiera" 

Cheese, pickled cucumber, egg, mayonnaise, tomato sauce

EUR 4.00

Greek salad

Lettuce, Feta cheese, olives, sweet pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad sauce

EUR 4.00

Snack selection for beer

Cheese, dried meat, salami, pickled vegetables, toasts, mustard-caper sauce

EUR 6.00

Cheese selection

EUR 7.50

Garlic bread with mustard - caper sauce

EUR 2.50




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